Straw pellets

Straw Pellets are not far behind on the parameters of sunflower pellets. Externally, a little darker, and the ability of the calorific value is the same as the sunflower pellets.

They are made of carefully selected and dried stems and leaves of environmentally friendly crops (wheat, oats, buckwheat, millet, rape). The range of the ash content is 7%.

Remember! If you are using straw pellets, you are protecting the ozone layer.

 Total moisture in working base             9,43% %
Ash on working base                             7,3% %
 Ash on dry base                                     7,9% %
Calorific value on a dry basis                18,096 MJ / kg
Lower calorific value on a dry basis        15,296  MJ / kg
Sulfur on dry base                                  0,017 %
Sulfur on working base                            0,016  %
Bulk weight                                              587,8 kg/m.cub

They are recommended only for industrial use because of the high percentage of ash, the presence of non-combustible fibers and organic chemicals that can lead to coking of domestic boiler.

Pre-package: Big Bag – 1 ton.

Order and delivery: Order and delivery: You can buy pellets contacting us by phone or sending a request via e-mail. Delivery is made by the truck to any place you wish , under the terms of DDP, Incoterms 2010. Minimum order is 1 truck.

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