Pellets from sunflower

Pellets are made ​​of peelings of sunflower are the good choice for industrial boilers. The cost of these pellets several times lower than.

They are made of eco-friendly raw - peelings of sunflower, which appear as a result of sunflower oil production. Features of our pellet is carefully selected and well-dried raw materials. As a result, sunflower pellets have a minimum percentage of ash, minor content of sunflower stems and the complete absence of peat.

Total moisture in working base             9,43 
Ash on working base                             4-7
Ash on dry base                                     4,1-7,1
Calorific value on a dry basis                 20,10  MJ / kg 
Calorific value on working base              18,20 MJ / kg
Lower calorific value on a dry basis        16,87  MJ / kg
Sulfur on dry base                                  0,14 %
Sulfur on working base                           0,13 
Bulk weight                                              565 Kg/m. cub

The appearance of pellets: cylindrical pellets, dark ash-colored, 15-25 mm long and 8 mm in diameter, the surface without cracks and chips, smooth and glossy. Pellets made of sunflower absolutely satisfy  the standards of EN.

Pre-package: Big Bag – 1 ton.

Order and delivery: Order and delivery: You can buy pellets contacting us by phone or sending a request via e-mail. Delivery is made by the truck to any place you wish , under the terms of DDP, Incoterms 2010. Minimum order is 1 truck.

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