Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes of our production are made of ecologically clean sawdust of coniferous and deciduous trees, in accordance with European standards. In the manufacture of fuel briquettes a mechanical pressing technique is used, the additional chemicals aren’t added. When compared with wood, use of briquettes of all kinds has the following advantages:
  1. Conservation of forests and the ozone layer of our planet.
  2. Cost effective and easy to use.
  3. The absence of debris during transportation.
  4. Large heat transfer.
  5. Compact storage.
  6. No need for additional grinding and drying, before placing in the oven or fireplace.
  7. Extending the period between cleaning oven, boiler and chimney (because of low ash content and selection of the resin when burning briquettes).
  8. Safety in the use of fireplaces and barbecue, thanks to the even burning without popping sparks and splinters.
  9. Convenience and comfort briquettes for a picnic (1 pack of 10 kg of briquettes corresponds to 30-50kg dry wood).
  10. Ability to apply minor waste (ash residue after combustion of briquettes is less than 1%, firewood 8-15%) as a safe fertilizer.

Briquettes RUF.
They are made of eco-friendly wood chips and sawdust of coniferous and deciduous trees. Their form is like a monolithic brick, without holes, so are characterized by a long period of combustion than other pellets. They burn evenly, without sparks and fire intermittently. Resistant to mechanical damage and occupy the least space during transportation and storage than other types of briquettes. Complies with EN standarts.



Briquettes Pini & Key.

Are hexagonal cylinders with a hole size of the briquette: 50x50 mm, length 300 mm, the density of 1.4 g / cc. The raw material for briquettes Pini & key served chips, sawdust and other waste sawmill ecologically clean areas of Ukraine. Supplied briquettes are fully compliant with EN standards.




 Briquettes NESTRO.

Briquette form cylindrical, solid, color from light sand to brown. The cylinder diameter is 60mm, length 35-45 cm, characterized by uniformity of combustion, no shots and sparks. Much less space than conventional firewood and briquettes Pini & key, due to the absence of the hole. Made from environmentally friendly raw materials, in accordance with European standards.




Pre-package: polyethylene bags 10kg.

Order and delivery: Order and delivery: You can buy pellets contacting us by phone or sending a request via e-mail. Delivery is made by the truck to any place you wish , under the terms of DDP, Incoterms 2010. Minimum order is 1 truck.  Please, order more than 1 truck or more than 22 tons.

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