Sunflower oil

Everybody should understand proper-nutrition is impossible without having qualitative sunflower oil. People who take care of their lives prepare different dishes, different kinds of salads without heat treatment above 60 ° C.

That product contain large amount of vitamins, elements. It is difficult to imagine a full life without them. Using of sunflower oil achieves excellent health rights.

For producing sunflower oil we use the technology of cold pressing, so that all the nutrients are saved in its original. The sunflower oil is pressed from the fresh seeds. Raw materials for sunflower oil we grow in Ukraine's ecologically clean regions. 

We don't use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Physical and chemical indicators

Actual value



Taste and smell

impersonal flavor oils, odorless

Acid value of fat, mg KoH/g


Colour number, mg of iodine


Mass fraction of not fat admixtures, %


Brand: We supply our products in different regions of Europe using both our brand and your private-label. You can place the label information if you need. Unchanged is only indicators of quality and volume.

Supply capacity: Our production allows us to produce up to 10,000 tons of oil per month.

Packing: Sunflower oil in our company is bottled in the following volumes:

0,92 L

1,0 L

2,0 L

5,0 L

Order and delivery:  You can buy rapeseed sunflower oil from us by phone or by sending a request by e-mail. Delivery is made by auto-tanks under the terms of DDP, Incoterms 2010. Minimum order is 1 truck.


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