Rapeseed oil, rapeseed waste. For the production of diesel fuel.

Rapeseed oil is derived from the technical grade of rape, by cold pressing followed by filtration. Canola is grown without the use of pesticides, in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.
Complies with EN for use as biofuel. 
Resulting from the production of oil rapeseed waste, is an ideal and non-waste feedstock for the production of biodiesel and biogas energy production at the factory or at a cogeneration power plant.
Indicators of regulatory documents Actual value
Transparency Transparency, a nobecula is possible
Smell Characteristic to rapeseed oil, without outside smell
Color Yellow, green shade is allow
Colour number, mg of iodine 28 
Acid value of fat, mg KoH/g 1,2 
Peroxide value, 1/2 O Mmol/kg 0,5
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile content, % 0,15

Supply capacity: Our production allows us to produce up to 4,000 tons of oil per month.

Order and delivery:  You can buy rapeseed oil contacting us by phone or by sending a request by e-mail. Delivery is made by auto-tanks under the terms of DDP, Incoterms 2010. Minimum order is 1 truck.


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